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"All he does is catch touchdowns."

Chris Carter, NFL Hall of Famer

I might just have to become a Nets fan…



General Manager Billy King, majority owner Mikhail Prokhorov, Head Coach Jason Kidd, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry of the Brooklyn Nets pose during a press conference at the Barclays Center on July 18, 2013 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.

(Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

Jason Kidd is the shortest guy in the picture. Already looking like an NBA coach. 


(pic via nba-4-life)

With no announcement about it, Kevin Durant quietly donates $1 million to the Red Cross to support the Oklahoma tornado relief effort.

MVP. Love.

Welp. Might as well engrave this year’s trophy for the Heat. OKC, you happy you traded Harden, NOW? I repeat, UGH.

This is the greatest.

If they win the championship I’m framing this shit in my house.


What a fantastic SI cover for Lee Jenkins’ Durant piece this week. Almost makes me wish I hadn’t cancelled my subscription in ‘99.

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Look at this Heat fan who agrees the season is too long.


Best game of the tournament so far?

Vander Blue and (3) Marquette edge Rotnei Clarke and (6) Butler 74-72 in a thriller.

I’ll say what 89% of sports fans are thinking. No one cares about the Heat’s streak. Ya know why? Because it would be disappointing if they did anything less.

This type of team does not make for compelling sports. Underdogs, scrappy fighters, Michael Jordan flu ridden, team cohesion, rebuilding, changing, developing. That’s sports. That’s drive. That’s passion.

Look how much everyone is talking about the Lakers. Oh wait. They’re not. Granted for a different reason, but not talking all the same.

Having a bunch of superstars do their job, collectively, together is boring. Having a bunch of superstars fail at their job, collectively, together is boring. 

This is America. We love the fight, the struggle, the journey. Come on NBA. Get interesting again.


Ray Lewis’ first career sack on October 14, 1996. That man in blue, Jim Harbaugh.

Ray Lewis, let’s really make this a story book ending and book end this career. You gotta sack Harbaugh on the sidelines for the grande finale. You just gotta.


Tiger and Rory teamed up for their first Nike commercial together.

They nailed it.

This is excellent. 


“Great moment @ 1.5 hours after the game, Peyton Manning and his family waited to congratulate @raylewis52.”

- Chad Steele


Happy Endings

I spent all week convincing a friend that the Cowboys were the right bet for tonight’s game against the Redskins, for no reason other than the fact that sports rarely provides the happy endings that we want.

Excuse the pessimism, but especially in a year where the negative side of things reared its ugly head in sports, I was expecting the final week of football of 2012 to deliver much of the same. It feels alright being wrong too.

In Indianapolis, the #Chuckstrong story of coach Pagano and the upstart Colts got one more chapter to their brilliant season, upending the previously top seeded Texans at home, and gave us the victory dance of the year. No matter if this team is confronted with a new reality when the playoffs start next week, the entire turnaround coupled with Pagano’s return has more than made up for the forgettable season in 2011. Oh, and by the way, Andrew Luck is your quarterback for the next decade and some. Not too bad at all.

In Minnesota, the Vikings and Packers went 12 rounds, before Adrian Peterson decided to finish things off at the end. He came just shy of breaking the all-time rushing yards record, but after the performance that he just put on, are we suppose to doubt that he will challenge for it again next season? We need more nicknames for All Day. I suggest New God Flow, because he’s the God of everything else.

And tonight, in Washington, the Skins capped off Robert Griffin III’s rookie season with a win over the Cowboys for the divisional title, and a home playoff game next week. A season that started with a road win in New Orleans, stalled with a 3-6 record, ultimately ended with a seven game winning streak, and hope that things are changing for the franchise. For now. For later.

So if you’re in Detroit, Cleveland, Jacksonville, New York (both, but more so the Jets), Buffalo, or any other city where there doesn’t seem be much hope on the other end. Just remember today. No one could’ve foretold the stories above when the season started.

Sometimes sports is really the most fun when we get reminded of how little we know, then when it reaffirms what we think we know.

Next time, I might be a little less skeptical, and just let the stories play out to their happy endings.


Can we start talking about how terrible a person LeBron is again? I think the people of Cleveland need it.